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the trade union congress of the second member

Release Time:2013/07/29 Source:admin

            The morning of July 25th, the new development of the trade union congress of the second member was held in conference room 1601.The company leadership and membership on behalf of a total of 35people attended the meeting.

            The second member of the Trade Union Congress began in the solemn national anthem, according to the agenda of the conference, deputy secretary, Party Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Zhang Hui to represent the union as a "trade union work report"; the Shen Xiumei Committee forreview of trade union funds "work report". The General Assembly elected members, the second trade union committee for review committee and the female employees committee. And held the first meeting of the second session of the trade union committee, Zhang Hui was elected chairman of the trade union, Kuang Caiwen as director of the fund examination committee, Huang Xiaofang as director of the female employees committee.

            Finally, the company secretary of the Party committee, chairman Cao YIping put forward five hopes for a new trade union work. The trade union congress of the second member in the solemn international in the successful conclusion of the song, the summit a complete success!


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