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Division I elected to the LICC vice - director and FB unit

Release Time:2013/07/01 Source:admin

In 2013 March 21-23 day, China Arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of Commerce and the furniture branch Council meeting in Hangzhou, the Division I elected to the light industry chamber of Commerce Deputy Director and director of the furniture branch unit.

Light Industry Chamber of Commerce President Wang attended the meeting and made a "Chamber of Commerce in 2012 the completion of work and work plan for 2013. The report, President Chen did  chamber of Commerce 2012 annual financial report and 2013 annual financial budget, reporting, delegates discussed the current situation of foreign trade, export trend faced, the difficulties of enterprises, but also the practice of communication and the experience of their enterprises, and put forward the policy recommendations. Finally, a summary of the meeting, to do. He first of all Chinese arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of the fifth session of the fourth meeting of the Council was held successfully congratulations, hope that through this meeting, the government, industry and enterprise cohesion force, provide a better platform for the enterprise, help enterprise development and transformation and upgrading.

By participating in the conference, we can better understand the current domestic and international economic situation, the situation of foreign trade and industry trends; share the brother unit upgrade experience; reflect the difficulties faced by enterprises and the implementation of national policy issues to the chamber of Commerce;and obtain business from.

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